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As the innovation leader in the Reverse Vending industry, Envipco has been revolutionising deposit return scheme technology. Working with our partners across the globe, we deliver tailor-made solutions for any size customer – from the local corner store to the national level.

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Simon Bolton

Simon Bolton

Group CEO
  • Identification
    ISIN CODE NL0009901610
    EXCHANGE / MARKET Euronext
    TRADING LOCATION Amsterdam/Oslo
  • The Group has been notified of, or is aware of, the following 3% or more interests at 30 June 2023.

    Shareholder Number of Shares 2023 Shareholding %
    A. Bouri 19,830,670 38.36
    G. Garvey 7,351,980 14.22
    Otus Capital Management Ltd 2,785,195 5.39
    Lazard Freres Gestion SAS 2,479,700 4.80
    R. J. Lincoln 1,717,440 3.32
    B Santchurn/Univest Portfolio Inc 1,554,800 3.01