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We have a wide range of products catering to all sorts of customers and needs. Ranging from our smallest reverse vending machine, FLEX which accepts PET and Cans to our largest machine, Quantum, a bulk feed system best suited for hypermarkets. Get in touch to get information about our full range of products. 

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Envipco Sales Representative

Envipco Sales Representative

  • Envipco Flex

    Envipco's Flex is the smallest machine with compacting technology available today. Specially designed for collection points with limited available space, such as convenient stores, pharmacies, petrol stations and schools.
  • Envipco Flex Tri

    Envipco's Flex Tri is the smallest machine to collect three materials, PET, Can and Glass bottles. It compacts the PET bottles and the aluminum cans and it offers different solutions to handle Glass bottles.
  • Envipco Optima

    Envipco's Optima is an attractive solution for any retailer or collection point expecting decent volumes. The Optima comes as 2 or 3 material solution.
  • Envipco Ultra

    Envipco's well proven, single material machine available for PET, Cans and Glass bottles. Optimized footprint / capacity ratio and easy to extend with multiple units to assure smooth traffic in and round your store.
  • Envipco HDS

    Envipco's HDS model is perfect for standard retail locations, offering a larger container design for indoor and covered outdoor use. For larger return centers, like supermarkets and redemption centers, the RVM model is ideal with easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Envipco Modula

    Modula is a double-infeed solution with extendable storage capacity for multiple materials. It is designed for retailers and collection points with high-capacity storage needs. The Modula provides the flexibility to expand its capacity by adding up to 8 compartments. 
  • Envipco Quantum

    Envipco's bulk-feed machine for large return centers such as supermarkets, hypermarkets and redemption centers. The Quantum offers consumers the fastest and most convenient collection experience.



For online access to your reverse vending machine activity, along with both summary and detailed reporting, enVision Portal is the solution. This web portal allows access to processing data of containers through your RVMs, sends alerts when attention or service is needed, and provides comprehensive reporting on all machine activities. On a group or local level, enVision Portal combines information to report just what you need.


Retail POS integration 

A simple way to ensure there are no duplicate receipts being presented at the POS check-out is to use enVision Receipt Validator. Each paper receipt is registered to verify its authenticity and then marked as having been redeemed. Easy to use reporting is provided for accounting reconciliation to your total payout.


Payout options

If you want an alternative to paper receipts from the RVMs we welcome you to use enVision Digital Payment technology. Linking up with your loyalty program, using a digital banking app or donating directly to a charity, the payment of deposit monies couldn’t be safer and easier.



The most commonly used method is printing a paper voucher indicating the deposit value which the consumer can redeem at the check-out. The voucher is printed on security marked paper including a unique barcode for a reference check.


Electronic payout 

An alternative option is to use electronic payout. We can accommodate different types of payout systems. At the end of the transaction, a QR code is created on the screen, which can be either scanned with a mobile phone, or printed on the voucher, which can be scanned later on. Examples of currently run payment systems are PayPal (Sweden) and Tikkie (the Netherlands). Please contact us for more information.


Loyalty program 

If desired we can integrate the pay out with an existing loyalty program. Your customers can identify themselves with their loyalty card which will be read by a barcode reader in the machine. The deposit value is then added to the customers loyalty scheme balance. Please contact us to discuss the options.


Charity donation 

A fourth option is to offer your customers one or several charity programs to which they can donate their deposit value. Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities.         

enVision Digital Suite

enVision, Envipco’s suite of digital products, offers a broad choice of options for our customers. From RVM monitoring and supplies fulfillment to digital payment options, we have the answers needed to maximise the efficiency of your drinks packaging recycling programme and provide the most technically advanced, easy to use products to your consumer.

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Envipco’s RVM model for return centres with minimal available space and low volume drinks package recycling such as convenience stores, pharmacies, petrol stations, and schools.