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    Designed to collect PET bottles, Cans and Glass bottles, all in one machine. With its small footprint it is suitable for convenient stores, small supermarkets or collection points like pharmacies or schools. The FLEX TRI uses the best-in-class compaction technology for PET bottles and Cans, and offers different solutions to handle Glass bottles, such as Soft-Drop, BreakerBar or Crush. 

    Plastic bottle Can Bottle
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    The easy-to-read touch screen shows the status of the machine, individual recycling transactions, refund amounts due and important messaging for your customers.

    The Flex Tri has one entry hole for all three materials. The machine detects the type of material, scans the barcode, and recognizes the shape. If one of the parameters is not met, the container is returned to the customer and will not be recycled. 

    By default, the refund amount due to the customer is printed on a paper voucher, which includes a security barcode. The barcode can be scanned by the retailer at the till for payment, which prevents duplicate redemption. Envipco provides other alternatives, including payout through a customer loyalty card or electronic payouts – please ask for details on this and other options.
    The Flex Tri offers different storage options for the collected beverage containers, to suit each situation. PET and Cans can be collected in separate bins or mixed in one bin. Glass bottles can be collected with or without breaking them and can be stored in small or large wheelie bins. 
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    We can customise

    Envipco RVMs can also be custom-wrapped to fit in seamlessly in your store environment and comply with your corporate identity. Custom looks provide another point of communication with your customer and can reflect on your sustainability messaging.

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    enVision Portal

    For online access to your RVM activity, along with both summary and detailed reporting, enVision Portal is the solution. This web portal allows access to all levels of detail processing of containers through your RVMs, sends alerts when attention or service is needed and provides comprehensive reporting on all RVM activities. On a chain or regional level, enVision Portal combines information to report just what you need.

    For US: enVision Onsite is Envipco’s customised, local view of your RVMs. This product lets you know what’s happening in your recycling centre at all times by monitoring the RVMs and notifying location personnel when attention is needed. This monitoring capability is enhanced by allowing you to order supplies, request new product be accepted by the machines, validate the receipts for your location, request empty drinks container pickups and send messages/enquiries directly to Envipco support personnel.


    Envipco’s RVM model for return centres with minimal available space and low volume drinks package recycling such as convenience stores, pharmacies, petrol stations, and schools.


    • Simple, small footprint collection unit
    • Industry leading container acceptance speed
    • Dual compaction technology
    • Available Glass option
    • Plug and play’ – works on standard electric
    • Easy cleaning and service
    • Custom machine graphics and screen interface
    • Comprehensive digital marketing options
    • Optional shape system


    The clearinghouse system is an essential part of processing drinks containers in deposit markets. In the US deposit states, Envipco operates the clearing and accounting systems, monitoring eligible deposit refunds at the point of redemption and applicable handling fees. For other markets, Envipco provides redemption information to DRS System Administrators or other appropriate entities.


    Logistics & Transport

    Envipco offers a one-stop drinks container recovery solution, including overseeing the logistics and transportation services from the point of collection to the point of processing. Envipco provides full reverse logistics services with a variety of collection containers, bag systems, and other options targeted at specific customer groups and optimised for the various commodities.

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    Flex Tri is designed to collect PET, Cans and Glass, all in one machine. It is suitable for convenient stores, small supermarkets and collection points.