New state-of-the-art facilities for Envipco’s German production centre

Envipco relocates its German production centre to Osnabrück, Germany. 

December 2023 - In July, Envipco relocated its German production centre (Envipco Automaten GmbH - EAG) to a new, state-of-the-art facility in Osnabrück, Germany. This move marks a major milestone in Envipco's journey, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to innovation and growth. The expansion of production capacity and the development of cutting-edge technologies like QUANTUM and MODULA are emblematic of our vision for a more sustainable future. Additionally, the new facility's role as a European Training Hub and Customer Visit Centre underscores Envipco's dedication to fostering meaningful customer relationships and exceptional service.  

Envipco-Osnabruck - revise

Envipco’s German production centre is conveniently located on the outskirts of Osnabrück.

Envipco's Commitment to Innovation and Growth

Envipco has been at the forefront of the beverage container recycling industry for years, and the expansion of our production centre in Germany is a testament to our commitment to remaining there. As the demand for sustainable solutions continues to grow, Envipco is increasing its production capacity to keep pace and ensure that customers worldwide have access to their cutting-edge technology.

QUANTUM: A Revolutionary Recycling Solution

One of the highlights of the new facility is the increased production capacity expansion on the production of QUANTUM. QUANTUM is a groundbreaking technology designed to optimize the collection and recycling of beverage containers. Using advanced sensor technology, QUANTUM can efficiently identify, sort, and process various types of containers, making recycling faster and more efficient. The expansion of production capacity in Osnabrück will enable Envipco to meet the rising demand for QUANTUM and accelerate the adoption of this game-changing technology.

QUANTUM is Envipco’s RVM model for larger return centres such as more sizable supermarkets, hypermarkets and redemption centres. Its pioneering bulk feed mechanism can process more than 100 containers per minute, making it the fastest machine in the market. Combining this high speed with its flexibility and high-capacity storage of compacted material QUANTUM proves to be an excellent solution for outdoor locations.

Quantum small left-re2

Envipco’s Quantum is designed for larger return centres such as more sizable supermarkets, hypermarkets and redemption centres.

MODULA: Elevating Container Management

MODULA is another remarkable innovation that is developed and will be produced in Envipco's Osnabrück facility. MODULA is designed to streamline and optimize the handling of empty beverage containers, making the recycling process more efficient and user-friendly. With the new facility's advanced capabilities, EAG is well-positioned to further enhance and produce MODULA systems, bringing the benefits of smart container management to more locations around the world.
Envipco’s MODULA offers high-speed recycling with a large storage capacity. On top of that, it gives the flexibility to add up to 8 compartments to extend capacity or to add new materials to be collected. Equipped with Envipco's cutting-edge compaction technology, MODULA accepts PET, cans, and glass containers, and it even has the added benefit of accommodating beverage cartons.


Envipco’s MODULA is designed for large supermarkets and hypermarkets.

A European Training Hub

Envipco's new Osnabrück facility is not only a hub for production but also a centre for knowledge sharing and training. The company envisions the facility as a European Training Hub, where employees and partners can enhance their skills, stay updated on the latest recycling technologies, and collaborate to drive the industry forward. This commitment to knowledge transfer and collaboration reflects EAG's dedication to fostering expertise and innovation in the recycling sector.


One of our technical engineers ensuring the machine works properly

Customer Visit Centre: An Emphasis on Service

Envipco recognizes that exceptional customer service is as crucial as cutting-edge technology. The new facility features a dedicated Customer Visit Centre, where customers and partners can experience firsthand the innovative solutions that Envipco offers. This interactive space provides a platform for meaningful discussions, collaboration, and feedback, ensuring that Envipco continues to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

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