Our unique selling points

Powering deposit return solutions with tailored, cutting-edge technology

  • 40 decades of experience

    More than four decades of experience

    For over four decades, Envipco has been working with our partners across the globe to deliver tailor-made deposit return scheme (DRS) solutions.
  • Circular Economy

    Circular Economy

    We continuously improve our technology and product offerings, increasing the benefits of a circular economy

  • Customised recycling solutions

     We are a supplier who delivers flexible, customised solutions to achieve the best recycling results together with our customers.

  • Passionate about the future

    Passionate about the future

    Our legacy of success is a result of our future-facing approach and our team is passionate to move forward to create a cleaner world for future generations.


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Our Portfolio

Best in Class RVM Technology

Our approach is a long term partnership with all stakeholders

“Working with our partners across the globe, we deliver tailor-made solutions for any size of store – from the local corner store to large hyper-markets.”

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Emerging as the forward-thinking leader, we continuously invest in developing and offering innovative technology solutions for drinks packaging recycling. We have a clear strategy for accelerated growth and are committed to delivering excellent products and services to our customers, tangible results to our investors, and a great place to work.