Envipco plays leading role as Romania initiates DRS

Envipco Welcomes Minister of Environment's Visit and Marks the Launch of the Deposit Return System.

November 2023 - Monday, the 28th of November, marked a momentous occasion as Mircea Fechet, the Minister of Environment of Romania, toured Envipco's production plant in Sebes. His endorsement for the imminent implementation of the Deposit Return System (DRS) in Romania underscores the significance of supporting local initiatives. 

Mircea Fechet at EnvipcoFrom left to right: Mircea Fechet, Minister of Environment of Romania, Ion Dumitrel, President of the Alba County Council, Mihai Drăgan, Communication Director at The Ministry of Environment and Bogdan Purcherea, General Manager of Envipco Romania, inspecting Envipco's RVMs

Minister Fechet's endorsement resounded with the significance of supporting local initiatives, emphasizing, "The implementation of the Deposit Return System in Romania is about to start, and it is very important to support this effort with these RVMs (Reverse Vending Machines) produced locally. I congratulate Envipco for the way they contribute to the recycling momentum, and I encourage as many companies as possible to follow this example of best practice. Investments such as the Envipco factory in Sebes are of great importance for the Romanian economy, with major impact across the Romanian industry." 

Mircea Fechet plant tour

Left: Bogdan Purcherea, guiding the committee on a tour of the plant.
Right: Mircea Fechet and Ion Dumitrel engaged in a conversation with Envipco's employees during the visit.

At Envipco we take pride in creating a cleaner world for future generations through our industry-leading recycling technology. Our commitment goes beyond contributing to the circular economy; we actively encourage responsible recycling of PET bottles, glass bottles, and beverage cans. We are proud of our role as producers of Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) in our production plants located across Europe and America.

On this significant date, November 30th, as the DRS system launches in Romania, we are enthusiastic about the positive impact it will have on recycling habits. On this day, all supermarkets will commence accepting plastic bottles and beverage cans which are in the system, providing customers with the opportunity to receive their deposit back when returning the bottles in the stores. “With orders already captured from smaller Romanian stores and Municipalities and continuing to be won, Envipco reaffirms a leading position in this significant market segment” – says Bogdan Purcherea, Managing Director of Envipco Solutions Romania. Envipco RVMs will play a pivotal role in making this process seamless and user-friendly. 

Romania RVM

Bogdan Purcherea, General Manager of Envipco Romania, presenting Envipco’s Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) solutions to Mircea Fechet and Ion Dumitrel

Romania will be the 14th European country to implement a Deposit Return System for beverage containers, Romania takes a significant step in the direction of a circular economy. Some of the key features of the Deposit Return System: 
  • Scope: The system encompasses plastic, metal, and glass beverage containers with capacities ranging from 100ml to 3L (excluding milk and other milk-based drinks). 
  • Deposit: Individuals will be required to pay a deposit of RON 0.50 (approximately 10 euro cents) when purchasing applicable beverage containers. 
  • System Operator: RetuRO SGR will serve as the operational entity overseeing the deposit return system. 
  • Collection Model: The return-to-retail model, recognized as a best practice, will be implemented to ensure an efficient and sustainable approach to recycling. 

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards creating a cleaner world for future generations! 

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