Romania Opening

On the 4th of May 2022, Envipco opened its new production factory in Sabes, Romania. The event was organized by Envipco's dedicated team and the external agency Heraldist. We are proud to have had many important guests from the government, retailers, national and regional media and more, that were there to support us on this important occasion for us. 
The event continued throughout the day. Early in the morning, the hall was prepared with tables, chairs, green decorations, and snack and coffee stations. Our machines were displayed on the side so that everyone could see how they work and try them on the spot. All of this was awaiting our special guests.  

Our CEO Simon Bolton and the Managing Director for Romania Bogdan Purcherea were welcoming our guests at the main entrance of the building. Everyone was welcomed with a glass of champagne and warm greetings. Before the program started, visitors could look around the factory, check the machines, enjoy the snack and coffee bars and meet the other visitors.  

The program started with speeches by our CEO, our Managing Director for Romania, as well as some of the special guests of the event. 

"It's my great pleasure to welcome you to the Grand Opening of our factory here - the first RVM manufacture in Romania, and really a fantastic step on our way to support Romania towards recycling and circular economy.", said Simon Bolton in his speech. 

After all the speeches, the attention was brought to our production team – they received heartfelt applauds for their hard work and dedication. With their help, the factory will be able to fulfill its production capacity of 15.000 units per year. 

The program continued with a factory tour for our guests where they could see the whole process of building a machine as well as the final product. The mechanism behind the machines was explained to everyone and they were shown how it all worked by our specialists.  

After the tour, it was time for lunch, prepared on the spot by professional cooks. Everyone enjoyed their meals, drinks and networking. Around 2 pm local time, the first part of the event was over, and all guests were sent home with gift bags. 

Starting at 4 pm, there was the second part of the event - celebrating the opening of the factory with colleagues and their families. All the kids had a separate place to play different games with each other and with the animator.  

There was also dancing, photo-taking, playing with the kids and having a lot of fun, celebrating Envipco Romania.  

In the end, this was a very important event for Envipco, all its employees as well as for the future of DRS not only for Romania but for the whole of Europe. This new chapter of Envipco's story opens many doors and opportunities for us to grow as a company and be able to really help in creating a cleaner world for all of our children, for all future generations. 


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