The first 24/7 Quantum bulk-feed machine in the Netherlands

Return Endless Amounts of Plastic Bottles and Cans at a Gas Station! 

Amersfoort - 26th March 2024 - In Bunschoten-Spakenburg, the country’s inaugural Quantum bulk-feed Reverse Vending Machine has debuted. Operating 24/7, it enables limitless returns of bottles and cans. This site is just the commencement of 100 similar locations slated nationwide. The Quantum distinguishes itself as the fastest RVM of its type, processing up to 120 containers per minute. Boasting impressive capacity, it accommodates 20,000 cans and 7,000 bottles. 


The Evolution of Quantum Bulk Feed Reverse Vending Machine Since 2015 
Envipco's Quantum has revolutionized beverage container recycling. This innovative solution integrates bulk-feed technology with high-speed processing and industrial-sized collection bins, streamlining the recycling process. It's a straightforward, touchless system that efficiently processes containers in large bins, ensuring ease of use and hygiene. Moreover, its versatility allows it to operate seamlessly indoors and outdoors, providing hassle-free recycling wherever you are. 

"The first Quantum RVM has been active since 2015 in Sweden, so Envipco is the inventor of the bulk-feed system. Then followed America, Greece, Romania, Slovakia and now the Netherlands. And then immediately at a unique location, this is the first in the world at a gas station. This shows that this machine can be used in a versatile way” says Fons Buurman, VP Business Development Manager EMEA.

photo Bungas big bag_edited

The large capacity and speed of Quantum allow for up to 120 containers to be processed per minute

Next up, the Netherlands joins the Quantum revolution, unlocking fresh opportunities for gas stations, car wash facilities, and retailers with enough outdoor space. 

 "This is an important new step within the Action Plan to increase the collection of plastic bottles. We are working hard on expanding collection points and know that these types of locations are very important to further facilitate consumerssays Jeroen Hillen, director of Statiegeld Nederland, the DRS operator.

Quick Setup: Enjoy the Benefits of Quantum with Rapid Installation 

One of Quantum's primary advantages is its swift installation process. With plug & play capabilities, it can be set up rapidly, within a single day, requiring only an electricity connection. By the second day, it's ready for testing and immediate use by consumers.  


The Quantum RVM at the Bungas site in Bunschoten-Spakenburg is open 24/7 for bottle and can returns

Fons Buurman: “The installation only takes 1 day, so the customer can quickly start collecting up to 4 million packages per year.” 

It also offers great flexibility in payment methods. You can opt for a store voucher, receive an instant refund to your bank account via the Tikkie app, or choose to donate to a charity of your choice. In the case of Bungas, the owner wanted to support local football teams, so this option is included in the Quantum, enabling all local consumers to support their preferred football team. 

photo bungas tikkie paid

Instant refund by scanning the QR code with the Tikkie app

At the Forefront of Innovation: The Bungas Site Leads the Way with Cutting-Edge Recycling Technology

Marc Vlaar, the owner of the company Bungas, is the first one having a Quantum RVM in his grounds, attracting customers already from day 1. 

2.5 years ago, Marc Vlaar took over the company Bungas. With his sustainable mindset and the large space at their location, he saw a lot of potential for the Quantum to solve the problems with returning bottle deposits at supermarkets. And through good and fast cooperation with Envipco, the entire process went smoothly and quickly. From the first meeting to installation took only 3 months, making Bungas the first non-retail location with a bulk-feed RVM. In addition to consumers, Bungas also expects to offer local entrepreneurs, such as local fish-truck owners, an easy recycling option with this machine, and he is pleased to be able to support local football clubs through the donation option in the Quantum. 

photo bungas cut ribbon

Fons Buurman, VP Business Development Manager EMEA, Marc Vlaar, owner of Bungas and Jeroen Hillen, director of Statiegeld Nederland during the opening ceremony

Join the Recycling Revolution: Experience the Future of Recycling with the Quantum! 

In conclusion, the introduction of the Quantum bulk-feed RVM at Bungas marks a pivotal moment in beverage container recycling in the Netherlands. With its cutting-edge technology and unparalleled convenience, the Quantum is revolutionizing the way we recycle. 

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