Value Added Options


The ePort system consists of a tablet PC running an ePort app that communicates via wifi to a master U48 RVM running a web server and an ePort web app. The RVM ePort web app retrieves the status of all U48 / Ultra HDS/ Flex (Linux-based) RVMs and creates a web page that the ePort tablet app then displays.

Glass Tipper

To make the recycling process safer, we have developed a GlassTipper, which helps clients handle crushed glass when emptying containers in reverse vending machines. The mechanized device is both an efficient and safe way to handle glass materials without lifting them manually..

Trash Compactor

Even the most sophisticated of automated systems does not ensure a clean recycling center. The cardboard boxes and other containers that consumers use to carry in beverage containers, as well as materials not accepted at the recycling room, clutter the area and consume valuable space and employee time. Envipco developed the Trash Compactor to compact bulky materials and keep the area tidy at all times.