SortAfter Program

Deposit states are subject to their state's labor-intensive Returnable Beverage Container Laws. Developed specially as a solution for the smaller retail food industry, the SortAfter Program does not require on-premise RVMs taking up valuable floor space. Instead, Envipco picks up commingled whole containers and transports them back to our facility where we utilize the BulkMaster system to process the containers.

Through the high-speed BulkMaster system, uncrushed cans, plastic containers and glass bottles are easily identified, counted, and separated by type for redemption. The system can accommodate up to 200 cans per minute and up to 100 plastic or glass containers in four container sizes per minute.


  • Scheduled pick-ups
  • Soda and beer container commingling permitted
  • Signed receipt copies provided
  • Fully secured system from the collection point of containers through processing and delivery
  • Accurate counting, invoicing and full audit trail for each container picked up using advanced technology billing systems
  • Refunds for all deposit containers obtained and provided directly from bottlers