New Technologies

Our German-engineered technology helps us provide the highest quality solutions at the lowest cost. At our research and development facility, we test prototypes to develop new recycling methods and faster, more efficient processes for existing products. Recent innovations include the ability to empty entire bags at one time into the machine (Bulk Feed), a compaction function with a 30-40% better yield, a sensor to detect plastics, and the design for our FLEX model, the low-tech reverse vending machine that has lowered the cost of entry to automated recycling for an entirely new market segment.

Our engineers respond to requests for customizations and new developments from our clients, which have led to the development of new products of broad interest. The R&D team has also been working closely with our U.S.-based team on improvements to the BulkMaster and the development of Quantum, our high-speed, bulk-feed RVM.

Other technology developments include:

  • an interactive consumer interface to help expand recycling in non-deposit areas through advertising, couponing, sponsorship, promotions and sale of scrap value of materials collected
  • a high density CAN flattener, capable of crushing 6,120 units per cubic yard
  • the PIN-PET Flattener, capable of crushing 1,360 units per cubic yard