Investor Relations

Envipco Holding N.V. is a global company with plans for significant future growth, spurred by expansion in the non-deposit sector. The company is creating a profitable business model based on advertising, couponing, sponsorship, promotions, and the sale of scrap value of materials collected.

Pilot programs already have been completed in Greece, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland, and the United States. These initiatives complement Envipco’s established reverse vending machine and plastics recycling units.

We invite individual investors, institutional investors, and green technology companies to learn more through our annual reports and by contacting us to discuss the future of our organization.

Envipco 3rd Quarter Report - 2019-11-27 Envipco First Half-Year 2019 Report - 2019-08-29 Envipco 1st Quarter 2019 Report - 2019-05-31 Annual Report 2018 - 2019-04-29 Envipco 4th Quarter Report - 2019-02-28

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