United States: An Inviting Recycling Experience

Bottle rooms have always been viewed as an unpleasant experience and area to be avoided if possible. Through strategic partnerships with Envipco, Retailers are changing that perception. Giving their customers a positive experience that delivers a “wow” prior to entering the store ultimately impacts the shopping experience. As a result of the positive initial response, Retailers are upgrading to Envipco's new line of RVMs.

Using our UltraHDS and Ultra48 machine platforms, Envipco's creative Engineering and Design teams came up with a “first of its kind” design package to transform this bottle return room into a new Recycle Center. The UltraHDS leads the industry in container storage by dedicating storage bins for can and plastic containers. This feature significantly reduces the labor associated with changing bins by reducing the number of trips to service the machine.

The customized design package can be developed around the Retailer's environmental objectives and initiatives, but taken a step further by incorporating private label product promotion. This approach engages customers with recycling messages and impacts purchase decisions prior to entering the store. Images that hit close to home and traditional environmental colors can be selected to communicate the positive and clean image that our Retailers are seeking. 

The UltraHDS also enhances cleanliness by evacuating containers from the customer service area to storage bins in the back room. This feature confines odors and bin leakage away from the customer to the storage area.

Customers will rave about the clean and comfortable feel of the bottle room.

"I am a regular shopper at the Kroger store on Ecorse Rd. and I love the new recycle bins! Thank you for designing them that way. Great Work! Keep it up."Cindy Ellenbrook-Taylor

"...terrific improvement over the last system. I love the graphics." Cathy Adams-Lincoln Park

"I like the look! It's clean and appealing. I also like that I can use one machine for both can and plastic..." Sandra Chassy-Dearborn Heights

"I think these (machines) are great! I really like the green..." Michael Marinette -Taylor

"It’s nice to walk in here and see the machines looking like this. It’s a lot better than the old area, you know." Dan Accord-Taylor

"I like the look...its much cleaner..." Carol W.-Dearborn

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