Greece: An Advertising-
Based Recycling Program

Envipco's partners in Greece sought to extend their Reverse Vending Machine recycling program from store locations to include schools and public places. We worked together to create a kiosk-based recycling platform using RVMs adapted to such applications. Now these recycling centers accept beverage containers through Envipco automated machines, in addition to small appliances, tetra-pack containers, and batteries.

Aside from providing a cost effective used beverage container recovery solution, these installations also allow controlled messaging options, couponing, donations, promotions, sponsorship and advertising platforms. Units are located in convenient locations that include plazas, town squares, train stations, and other prominent public venues that provide advertising eyeball opportunities.

The model has been so successful that several key packaging industry players, including bottlers, retailers and municipalities, embrace such concepts to improve recycling rates in a cost effective manner. Additional programs are planned on a nationwide basis and are expected to be adapted to other non-deposit nations seeking to increase beverage container recovery rates.