State of Recycling

There are typically three ways beverages containers are recycled worldwide:

  • Container Deposit Legislation

  • Voluntary extended packaging producers responsibility

  • Non-mandated curbside recycling operated by municipalities

  • Container Deposit Legislation: Several countries around the world have adopted such schemes. Those include ten states in the USA, Canada, Nordic countries, Germany, the Baltic states, Australia etc. Consumers are charged a deposit which is refundable upon redemption at retail stores. The higher the deposit the higher the recycling rate is achieved – up to 99%. While this system is very effective it is often considered too costly by the beverage and retail industries. Reverse Vending Machines are mostly used as automated collection points. Some benefits of this method include a lower carbon footprint, reduction of municipal collection costs, and best quality of materials with negligible contaminants for effective recycling.

    Voluntary Extended Producers Responsibility: Such schemes are usually promoted by the packaging and beverage industries. Recycling bins (also referred to as blue bins) are placed at several locations, often in offices, public places etc. for collecting recyclables. There are no accurate verifiable data that this system works effectively. Consumers very often mix any type of containers requiring re-sortation and a high collection cost.

    Non –Mandated Curbside Recycling: Responsibility falls on voluntary participation of consumers to collect all recyclable materials in a separate bin which is picked up by waste management companies. These are then separated into different commodity types at material recovery facilities. This system does not address out of home consumption and high rise buildings where there are no curbside facilities for storing recyclables. The recycling rate has been traditionally at about 30% of the total volume, leaving 70% ending up in landfills.

    At Envipco, we provide the latest state of the art technology to recover beverage containers for all types of markets, both deposit and non-deposit, with the lowest cost of recovery per container. We make it easy, fast, convenient, and rewarding and provide a positive consumer experience when recycling. While creating a growing and sustainable profitable business, we help to make better use of our planet's limited resources.