Beyond the Recycling Bin

The value proposition for recovering bottles and cans has been clear to beverage manufacturers across the world for decades. Recycled materials cost less than virgin materials to produce and they consume less energy. For example, a single pound of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) flake uses 84% less energy and generates 71% fewer greenhouse gases than virgin resin.

As environmental awareness grows, beverage manufacturers are working to reclaim nearly all of their original materials and extend the complete life of the product. While this is certainly a positive step for the planet, Envipco recognizes that it will take more than the willingness of manufacturers to make it a reality. Each of us must play a role, and Envipco is leading the way beyond traditional recycling bins and deposit laws.

Through customized couponing, incentive programs, and advertising-generated revenue models, Envipco is changing the culture of recycling across the globe. The company is extending the beverage recovery value proposition to consumers, retailers and municipalities, so beverage containers are viewed not as waste products but as valuable commodities. With a nearly unlimited market, we also see unlimited opportunity to make bottle and can recovery both personally satisfying and financially rewarding.