Future of Recycling

The future of recycling is very bright. For the past three decades, recycling in developed nations was largely driven by effective but costly legislation. The lack of uniformity of deposit laws across states and countries presented the beverage industry with an arduous task – complying with an inconsistent set of regulations that industry argues is both costly and inefficient. That realization, paired with greater corporate responsibility and awareness of sustainability issues, has spurred interest in non-deposit beverage container recovery initiatives.

With this trend toward more consumer-driven recycling, Envipco brings its clients considerable experience developing non-deposit programs tailored for specific clients and geographic locations. Our state-of-the-art reverse vending machines and recycling systems are installed in retail locations and public spaces across the world, including the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Greece, Australia and Japan, with initiatives under development in several other countries.

As beverage industry leaders continue to pledge to recover and reuse greater percentages of their original beverage containers, Envipco anticipates this rise in non-deposit recycling to continue and to spark increased demand for recovered beverage containers. To meet this anticipated demand, Envipco is leading the way with breakthrough technology to handle the growing volume cost effectively and conventiently.