Toward a Greener Planet

With over three decades of beverage container recovery experience, Envipco understands the challenges ahead. Massive quantities of materials will need to be collected, processed and sorted, especially in rapidly developing countries that do not have a tradition of recycling. We see this challenge as an opportunity: the world is our market.

In the U.S. alone, there were 5.764 billion pounds of PET bottles and other containers available for recycling in 2013. Reclaiming even a portion of these materials makes a difference. According to a 2010 NAPCOR report, incorporating recycled PET resin in the manufacture of a package significantly reduces the environmental footprint of that package, including production energy required and greenhouse gas emissions.

We have established a number of programs designed specifically for our clients, including a custom recycling center in a Michigan grocery store, an entire beverage container recycling station that is a familiar fixture for school children in Ireland, and an advertising-centric model in Australia. By listening to our clients and understanding consumer behavior, we are able to develop intuitive machines, technology, and processes that make it convenient and seamless to return resources to their source. We invite you to learn more.