Social and Corporate Responsibility

As a company dedicated to improving the rates at which the world recycles, Envipco works closely to help all of our clients reach their environmental goals. From delivering food-grade quality plastic flakes and pellets to helping beverage companies recover significant percentages of their bottles and cans, we have developed customized programs that promote sustainability. Envipco also proactively promotes its comprehensive recycling program and constantly explores new opportunities for greener operations.

Within the communities in which we operate, Envipco is an active and engaged corporate citizen. We recognize our potential role as educators, regularly inviting school groups to tour our manufacturing facility to learn more about the process of recycling. We offer scholarships and internship programs to students interested in pursuing environmentally-focused careers.

For years, Envipco has also participated in a program designed to give workers a second chance. The company hires individuals from halfway houses and shelters, providing employment and training to help them secure stable housing and rebuild their lives. Often starting as temporary workers, many of the participants in the program have gone on to successful careers at Envipco and other area companies.