A Message from the CEO

This is a fascinating moment in the evolution of society's views on recycling. Long considered a nuisance, lately, we have seen a realization that beverage container recovery generates real value, not to mention the environmental benefits of enhanced efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas-producing transportation.

It's not surprising, then, that today, our most active areas of expansion are in non-bottle deposit areas, where grocery stores and other retail establishments recognize the value of creating an inviting recycling experience for their customers. By partnering with beverage companies, Envipco has developed programs that create incentives beyond traditional deposits for consumers to return beverage containers to the point of sale and other recycling centers.

Envipco works with leaders at all levels - from owners of single grocery stores and local distributors, to CEOs of beverage companies and bottle manufacturing companies - to develop technology-based beverage container recovery programs that are financially sound for all parties involved. With more than 30 years of industry experience, we understand effective recycling practices. We anticipate continued growth through our expansion into other deposit and non-deposit markets with our unique disruptive technology, and by creating partnerships with systems organizations responsible for recycling.

While we expand into these new areas, Envipco continues to strengthen its position in all aspects of beverage container recycling. From the point a consumer returns a used beverage container, Envipco oversees its validation, acceptance, processing, pickup and conversion to nearly identical properties of its original source.

True sustainability will require the active participation of many. As a company, Envipco is leading the way. By reinforcing our mission statement and applying our core values, we believe that when we make it both convenient and rewarding for people to recycle, they will incorporate it into their normal routines.

Best regards,

Gool Santchurn
President & C.E.O.
Envipco Group