Taking Recycling Further

Along with a strategic network of partners across the globe, Envipco is shifting the focus from a "consume and recycle" model to a continuous loop of "use and reuse" that is more efficient and gentler on the environment. It's these big-picture solutions that have Envipco partnering with the beverage industry, retail industry, and major bottle manufacturers to recycle and repurpose beverage containers - and to generate a profitable business model for recovery materials that still have demonstrable value to the world.

Some of our distributor and retail clients know us best for our patented reverse-vending machines and other recycling technology. Envipco has manufactured, serviced, and maintained RVMs that have provided superior reliability, accuracy, and labor savings for more than three decades, and our German-engineered recycling systems still set the standard in the industry. While these products may be synonymous with Envipco, they are only one aspect of how we are changing the face of recycling.

Where the recycling movement has long concentrated on deposit bill areas and curbside recycling programs, Envipco is working to expand to non-deposit areas through couponing, incentive programs, and an advertising revenue-based model. We work with the beverage industry to help recover high percentages of post-consumer original materials and recycle beverage containers.